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Just Walk Inside: The Benefits of a Walk-In Skip Bin

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There can be some guess work involved when it comes to renting the best skip bin for your needs. You might look at the measurements detailed on the rental company's website, but do you know how these sizes relate to the volume of items you'll need to put inside the bin? Many skip bins are not utilised to their full capacity, and this can come down to improper loading. It might come down to a question of access.

The Traditional Way of Loading a Skip Bin

You will most likely start by loading the heaviest items into the skip bin. This is logical, but it lacks finesse when you are trying to fill the bin as strategically as possible. There is not only the physical effort required to lug something heavy out to the bin, lift the item to the top of the bin, and then place it inside (or more likely by this point, drop it inside). You might also go in the opposite direction, playing smaller items in first in order to maximise the space, before dropping the heavier items on top, essentially condensing the smaller items beneath the heavier object. This presents a potential problem in that the smaller items might not compress and condense as much as you hoped, leaving the heavier items poking awkwardly out the top of the bin. The bin is now technically overfilled, and might not even be collected in its current state.

A Couple of Options

If you wish to truly maximise the space of a skip bin and are concerned about the bin's capacity to hold everything you need to dispose of, you have a couple of options. The first option is the most logical, and that's to hire a bin of a larger size than you were originally planning. This will increase the cost of the rental, and you might not have suitable space on your property to accommodate a bin this large. Your other choice is to find a rental company that offers walk-in skip bins.

Just Walk Inside

A walk-in skip in is (as the name would suggest) one that has a hinged side, allowing you to walk into the bin. This allows for more detailed packing of the items you're getting rid of, permitting you to truly maximise the space. All available space can be utilised and it means you don't need to lift heavy items to the top of the bin before placing them inside. They can simply be dragged inside and left, which means less effort. Having this point of access makes it infinitely easier to fill the bin to capacity, while still having a clear picture of the bin's remaining space as you fill it.

This relatively simple innovation of a hinged side can make a world of difference. And it's certainly a better bet than guessing the best-sized traditional skip bin hire and hoping for the best!