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4 Restrictions to Be Aware of Before You Hire a Skip Bin

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One of the most convenient methods of waste disposal is skip bin hire. Skip bin hire means you can dump your waste and avoid costly trips to the local tip. But before you hire your skip bin, you should familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations of skip bin hire.

If you hire a skip bin without first learning what kind of restrictions you need to be aware of, you could end up having to dispose of your rubbish yourself. Or worse, you could end up with a fine. If you plan to hire a skip bin, keep the following restrictions in mind.

1. Access Restrictions

The average skip truck needs clearance of at least the size of a car to access your driveway or property. So, before you hire a skip bin, study your property and its access points. Also take into account any obstacles that are above ground, such as tree branches and utility lines. It also helps to discuss your property's dimensions with your skip bin provider.

2. Weight Restrictions

If you plan to dispose of some very heavy items, such as landscaping debris like rocks, dirt and tree branches, check with your skip bin provider concerning their weight restrictions. For household waste, weight isn't usually a problem. But if you have some large appliances and pieces of furniture you wish to throw away, let your skip bin provider know first.

3. Height Restrictions

When you load your skip bin, you can't load your skip bin to any point above the rim of the bin. Loading above the rim is dangerous. For instance, during transit of the skip bin, pieces of rubbish could fall out and cause a traffic accident. As such, be ready to load your skip bin intelligently. Place large, heavy objects on the bottom of the skip bin and keep the level of waste below the rim.

4. Placement Restrictions

If you find a place to put your skip bin on your property, then you shouldn't face any placement restrictions. But if your property cannot accommodate a skip bin, you'll need to place the bin on council property instead. This comes with restrictions that carry fines and even jail time if you break them.

First, you'll need a permit to place your skip bin on council property. Apply for your permit at least a week before your skip bin arrives. The permit could last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on your local council. Placing a skip bin on council land without a permit will result in punishment if you get caught.

You also cannot place your skip bin over drains or in areas that block access to utilities. If you are worried about skip bin placement, you can have the council send someone out to examine the area where you plan to place the skip bin.

For more information, speak with a professional who provides skip bins