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Are You Looking to Save Money on Your Next Skip Bin Rental?

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Aside from taking up precious space and looking unsightly, rubbish can also invite pesky pests such as cockroaches and rats into your home, leading to incidence of foodborne diseases among households. Unfortunately, rubbish doesn't take itself out like the wastewater flushed down your residential plumbing drains. So, you will need to plan out how it will be removed from your property.

One of the common methods used to remove rubbish from homes is skip bin hire. Skip bin hire is a safe, convenient and reliable method of rubbish removal. But like with other trade services, it costs money. Generally speaking, skip hire is a cost-effective method of rubbish removal. But if you are looking to save money on your next rental, here are some useful tips to follow. 

Take advantage of kerbside bins

Don't use your skip hire to remove certain waste items that your local council can pick up when they are picking up kerbside waste bins. These can be large household items, such as old furniture and used mattresses and beddings. To save space, take these items out on the street for council collection. This will help reduce the need to hire a larger, costlier skip.

Hire a properly-sized bin

Skip bins come in a variety of different sizes to suit practically any rubbish removal job. The volume of rubbish you will be generating will determine the skip size that you will need and the cost of your rental. Generally, the cost of renting a skip depends on the size required, with smaller skips costing less than larger ones. Skip size is measured in terms of cubic metres. You can accurately determine the size you will need by estimating how many trailer loads of rubbish you will be producing. One cubic metre of skip space can accommodate one and a half trailer loads of waste, so you will require a two cubic metre skip if you expect to generate three trailer loads of waste, for example. 

Be careful not to overestimate or underestimate the volume you require. Rent a skip too large, and you will end up paying for space you won't utilise. Rent a skip too small, and you may need to rent another skip.

Compare quotes

There are probably several skip bin rental services operating in your local area. These businesses may have different pricing systems, thus they may charge different prices for your skip rental. Ask for quotes from a few preferred companies and compare those quotes. When comparing quotes, don't automatically choose the cheapest quote. Instead, settle for one that offers the best value for your money.